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Obout Jati Teak Wood

Obout Jati Teak Wood

About Jati

When shopping for Teak furniture or Jati, let low prices fool you always make sure you are buying furniture made from 100% kiln dried solid Teak wood, and not furniture made from Shore wood or a combination of lesser quality woods that have not been kiln dried to resist warping and splitting. When you buy Teak furniture, you can rest assured that you are buying furniture made from 100% genuine plantation grown kiln dried solid Teak wood from Indonesia that is of the highest quality available in the world.
Teak wood or Jati, the natural choice !

Why Jati …?

Why is teak wood or Jati always the first choice for outdoor use ? This immensely stable timber has a high oil and rubber content, an in-built natural water repellent which makes it virtually immune to rotting.

Jati Quality

Only the finest quality genuine plantation teak (Tectona Grandis) or Jati is selected for use in our products and then combined with solid brass castings for durable, attractive garden and conservatory furniture.

JatiJepara Teak furniture weathers beautifully, season after season, and can be left untreated outside without the risk of rotting. We set the highest standards in our industry and enjoy a reputation for the manufacture of high quality, low maintenance, teak garden furniture.

Jati For the Environment

All our teak is sourced from Java exclusively from the highly reputable Perum Perhutani plantations, which are managed by the Indonesian government.

The plantations date back 150 years to when Java was a Dutch colony and settlers planted the very first teak saplings.Since then many other plantations have grown and flourished on the island of Java.

High priority is given to continuous replanting of Indonesian timber resources, Jati Jepara Teak furniture can be enjoyed in the certain knowledge that the estimated 4,000 species of tree, 500 species of mammal and 1,500 species of bird that flourish in the unique forests of Indonesia are safe and secure in their natural habitat.

For future generations

Forests Forever is a voluntary funded body formed to represent the interest of all timber and wood using industries on environmental issues. mission is to safeguard the forests of the world, future timber supplies and to promote wood as an environmentally friendly material. JatiJepara furniture Teak Limited supports Forests Forever of Jati.

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